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Most of the women Haworth spoke to for the article said it wasn't uncommon for women to be let go by their companies after getting married since it was expected they would become pregnant soon after and leave anyway.(Though a huge generalization, a BBC report from March does say that 70% of Japanese women do leave their jobs after their first child.) The entire article is definitely worth a read — check it out over at The Guardian.She spoke with The Post in a recent telephone interview from her apartment in New York, where she has lived for half a century. Now, I don’t want to talk more about the book because it’s not out yet. I find something of interest to do and I am fortunate when I make a phone call, people know who I am. My apartment was just decorated by Nate Berkus, the decorator: B-e-r-k-u-s. He decorated it when he had his television show, then I was on his show, before and after and on page 141 of his coffee-table book. I tell the taxi since I live all the way uptown if I fall asleep, make sure you wake me. The biggest concern — and correctly so — is having an erection for men.

But during his three years at the state-run detention center, White, 36, was allegedly a figure who commanded respect, not only from fellow inmates in jumpsuits but also from many of the women in blue collared shirts and pressed slacks guarding him.A new report from The Guardian's Abigail Haworth quotes a shocking statistic from the Japan Family Planning Association (JFPA) that 45% of Japanese women aged 16-24 "were not interested in or despised sexual contact." Twenty-five percent of Japanese men feel the same way, according to the JFPA.The statistic comes from Haworth's recent article about how more and more young people in Japan have stopped having sex — bad news for Japan's population crisis, given the country's already low birth rate and the projection that its population of 126 million is expected to plunge 30% by 2060.Its well-documented shortcomings have included rodent-infested cells, a lack of medical care for inmates and extreme temperatures.In the winter, everyone shivers, former inmates say.

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