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Choi Kang Hee has been acting since the mid-90s and her most recent drama was I absolutely love New Heart (even if Jo Jae Hyun owned the drama from beginning to end) and is the only Ji Sung drama I would recommend if anyone wants to watch more of his works. So right now I’m just pleased as a peach that he followed up three tepid dramas in a row with this most excellent drama to remind me why I like him as an actor.But if anyone wants to know which drama Ji Sung looks to best in, because who are we kidding, he looks like a broccoli head in PTB, then that would hands down be because it was So Damn Stupid. Was so hot in it, you can probably cook eggs on him. And then decide: shall I watch a stupid action melodrama for hot mopey Ji Sung, or watch an brilliant medical drama for not-hot-but-oh-so-adorable-and-charming Ji Sung.*psst, pick the latter* I also like Ji Sung a lot because by all accounts he’s a great guy in real life.He has a longtime girlfriend, actress Lee Bo Young, which while neither has officially confirmed it, they’ve been photographed all over the place and it’s just accepted as an open secret.How's that for a shove the face for those who insinuated that would have an affair with Yuri when she went over to their house alone to run over lines (even though it was so Ji Sung could watch the baby) Awww my heart this is just too cute to handle it's as if they're still in their early dating phase! Hahaha watching defendant and having park jung woo shifts of mood made me remember the other personalities in kmhm like Se gi, perry park, Yona and Yo sub. Believe all your emotions.together with Park Joon Woo cry,laugh,rejoice,go crazy-that's talent means from God. Last formidable acting role and absolutely to recommend drama, "Defendant" One of the two best lead actors of this year. I didn't know Ji Sung until 2017 when I saw his drama DEFENDANT Defendant caught my attention as I glimpse some of the episode and wow the plot and writing was superb and I regretted the day when I decided to watch it for the whole day from Episode 1 - 10 and now I am one of the many fans who wait for Monday to come just to watch this drama before I decided to watch Defendant I search all of his other drama and Heal Me Kill me caught my interest. My tears always run down when ever i see him in missery holding back his rage just to save his child. I always think so like an idiot without understanding it's ur talent. Will definitely be watching more of his dramas because I just can't get enough. I know this is unbelievable but i just finished watching Save The Last Dance in 10/2015 & srsly this man. my obsession started growing like madness.parents were scolding me every now and then but i was not bothered about it. If he doesn't win anything for this drama, I will lose faith in humanity. The plot sounded such a trainwreck on paper but JS and HJE crafted it so perfectly. I love him since Secret and Running man:) I don't know where is his power/charm from? What more can I say but, thank you so much for a job well done. She's also my favorite actress especially when I saw her on My daughter Soyeong..... I love you both i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you so are the best.gomaeooooooooooo for your good acting.i will always love you.i want you to be healty and kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Note: people love's you ot there.like me I love ur films esp great seer and iron king Here in africa, Nigeria to be precised I tink korean films came to the lime light last year with everybody wanting to watch JUMONG.

I encourage you all to check it out, because it gives such a heartwarming and funny peek into who Ji Sung really is when he’s not acting.“I broke up with a friend of mine a while ago, and made promises back then that if neither of us were dating anyone by the summer of 2017, we would get together and get married.I still remember that promise with her, and if she does show up at the promised location in 2017, I’ll propose to her on the spot.Hahaha I know your wall of awards will be full with the sbs awards Ji-sung aced the performance in Defendant!! We look forward to your early return to the screens with another masterpiece. JH in "Voice" and him are just killing it this year.... after a month of viewing all his drama I can say that Cha Do yon, Ah Yona, Yusab is really is Ji-sung, I came to that conclusion after watching him, why? We can see not only his eyes but also the vein in his face are also portraying his tortured heart n mind. Ji Sung is great...love love Love Ji Sung, you are one of the best korean actors that I loved to watch. Waiting for ur another drama like kill me heal me or secret love...Fighting?? Ji Sung deserves all the awards, He made every project just fantastic with his presence. i have seen almost 500 korean kill me heal me happened. Congrates...hwang jung eum unnie too, u are so daebak! I like his calm, smiling personality, soft facial feature and expressive black eyes (he is good actor). I have watched everything you've made and have loved every second of you on screen. you are always in my heart and my mind and my for fighting. That's the movie that freaks pple to watch more of korean film and BOYS over flower I so so love IRON king ...kudos and happy married life XO Hi, ji sung am one of ur fans from Africa, nigeria to be precise, i,ve watched swallow the sun,kim soo ro i love ur movies and i wish to watch more of ur films stay blessed and congrat on ur forth coming wedding with lee bo young. Hey Bro- I wish you the best in your soon to be married life...I'm sure he'll earn an award at the end of the year!! because I've seen all his act and the nearest personality of him is Ah Yona, Shin Segi is a revelation to me, I never seen him on his other drama of Shin Segi up until now, those three personality are nearest to real Ji Sung personality based on my personal opinion on how he act on his dramas and movies He is one of the versatile actor that I've ever watch.. Please stay healthy, wish you the best and I hope this message reaches you at your bday. It started in your Save the last Dance with Eugene. I adore his acting and have watched almost every drama or movie he has worked on. Ji sung is awesome.i stop speaking if i say about his perfection in every scene. He is so classy, real man: D His wife is lucky and inversely, because she supports his acting career. I've watched secret about ten times cause that drama is the most that makes my heart drop. I know you got married only a year ago and may be spending this time with you're wife which Makes me really envy her, but congratulations! ❤️ Two years ago, First notice you in Protect Boss with your crazy movement caught my eye slowly. I even went korea hoping to see you in Hotel walkerhill but left the hotel disappointed. I kinda wanted to marry her instead of you though - but I am just wanting to do that after I saw More Than Blue again...

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