Dating greenfield tap and die sets

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The company sells thousands of products under the brand names Cleveland, Chicago-Latrobe, Cle-Line, Greenfield Threading, Vermont Tap & Die, Bassett, and Putnam Tools.

The product lines include drills, end mills, taps, dies, reamers, countersinks, counterbores, tool bits, and more.

To this end, the die head includes a die body including a plurality of radially adjustable blocks, each block having a cutter mounted thereon and a radially outwardly facing cam surface. A cutting die head with an improved mechanism for tripping and resetting is described in U. To this end, the die bead of the invention comprises a die body having a front face and a rear face having a rearwardly extending hollow shank terminating in a shank end, a sleeve, a plunger, and a fluid such as, but not limited to: air, oil, or a suitable coolant of a type well known in the art.I wanted to get a big Craftsman set so I have all the basics, and then add components as needed after that.I know some will laugh at Craftsman, but it's nice to be able to run over to Sears when I break one.These tools are used in a variety of applications—If it’s being drilled, cut, bored, dug, shaped, milled, stamped, formed, drawn, or threaded, Greenfield Industries products are hard at work.I see both advertised, and the HSS seem quite a bit more expensive.

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