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Some of the activities that, when taken part in obsessively or excessively, may indicate an obsession with sex include: Sex addiction typically causes the addicts thinking to be distorted and they will often rationalize their behavior in some way.

Life after bladder cancer means returning to some familiar things and also making some new choices.

He has been avoiding sexual contact with Dora as well as having difficulty getting himself to the gym and other outside interests and activities.

He states that his mood has been more depressed and he is anxious about his compulsion being revealed. George: George is a 49 year old married man with a two year old boy.

Dopamine gives a sex addict a sense of euphoria that is quickly associated with finding sexual partners and having sex. Without the extra stimulation, the brain and body go into withdrawal.

In a world where sex is everywhere – online, on billboards, on television, in schools, books, magazines and other forms of media – there is an increased likelihood for an individual to have a strong sexual desire that is difficult to control.

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